Mini Militia 4.0.11 Mod | One Shot Kill, Birth Waiting Time Zero, Unlimited Nitro, Ammo, Bomb.

Mini Militia 4.0.11 Mod | One Shot Kill | Birth Waiting Time 0 |Unlimited Nitro + Ammo + Bomb | ZOOM 7X | Radar Everywhere

Features :-

  • Birth waiting time 0 second – Your avatar will be birth instantly.
  • Zoom 7x – You can zoom 7x in every gun.
  • Radar everywhere – You can see your enemy via red sign from very far.
  • 3 Bullet per shot – 3 Bullets fired per shot with a spread in a different direction.
  • No reload – The Weapon will never reload.
  • Unlimited Nitro – You can fly unlimited time without any rest.
  • Unlimited Ammo – You can fire continuously without any reload and Unlimited Ammo.
  • Unlimited Bomb – You can through any numbers of Bomb.
  • Pro pack – You can use All guns and duel wield during online gaming, and All avatars unlocked.
  • All store item unlocked – All store items purchased by default.

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