Mini Militia Double Gun Mod With Unlimited Ammo and Dual Wield Weapons


Mini Militia Double Gun Mod

  • Desert Eagle + magnum
  • Magnum + magnum
  • Desert eagle + Machete
  • Magnum + Machete
  • Uzi + uzi
  • Riot shield + Uzi
  • Uzi + magnum
  • Magnum + Riot shield
  • Uzi + Machete
  • Uzi + desert eagle
  • Desert eagle +riot shield
  • Desert eagle + desert eagle

These are the ultimate list of the combination which is available after a mod. To carry heavy guns default game won’t allow. To use heavy guns you have to watch the ads which are provided in the games at the ready screen.

Mini Militia Double Gun Mod Features

It is important to discuss features of the mod and the game. Because it reflects the game identity and the uses. So I disclose here the features because you can know what exact the mod is for and how it works.
  • Version 3.0.27:  This is the latest MOD of the game mini militia.
  • Ads Banner Shifted to the right.
  • Two mods are there, one with unlimited ammo and another is without infinite ammo. The choice is yours.
  • Due to dual weapon shield, we haven’t added unlimited ammo. Because it reflects substantial load on the game and the game crashes. So it won’t be a good sign to play and enjoy.
  • Jetpack is in the normal mod. We haven’t added extra in it.
  • And the final and most wanted, dual gun mod. Well, to play with a dual gun will make game more in our hand. It is because it will kill the person in a short time and you will win the game. And with this dual gun mod, you can pick up any gun with any combination and kick out your enemies.

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