Mini Militia Power Ranger Mod v3.0.8


What So Special About Mini Militia Power Ranger Mod?

In one word NOTHING much special but if you like to watch POWER RANGERS then this is special. Along with it, the mod comes with all unlimited hack version mod. Means the mod with fun and a winning opportunity. This is double bonus mod.

Powers come With Extra Features

  • Transparent Bush In All Maps – Bushes are the great way to hide. But this will be going to reveal the person behind the bushes.
  • Primary Guns Replaced – The primary gun and the secondary gun is replaced with AK47 as 1st Gun and M4 as 2nd Gun. Enjoy killing and freaking.
  • Saw Bomb – Along with the gun bomb is also replaced. Now no more boring and bullshit bomb at the start. Get the saw bomb as your default bomb. The surprising thing is the saw bombs are unlimited. Boom!
  • Unlimited Flying – The feature of unlimited everything follows you here too. Enjoy flying unlimited.
  • No Reload – Again it’s the same. Don’t wait for your guns to reload. Just kill and kill.
  • Infinity Ammo – Yes! You heard it right. No numbers of bullet count just shoot and shoot even without reloading it. Double bonus.
  • Increased Bullet Shots – This will be going huge. 9 shots per shoot. Combined with Mini Militia 4x speed feature.
  • 7x Zoom – 7x Zoom in all guns. That means you don’t need a mod specific for 7x zoom.
  • Dual Gun – Every army needs a special force or a gun to win. The mini militia double gun feature helps you out. Carry 2 power guns at a time.
  • iOS Symbol – Fool player with the iOS symbol. The opponent thinks you are playing the game on iOS.
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